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Overleaf Labs is our public program for experimentation
and innovation in the space of collaborative writing and publishing.

We are currently not accepting new Overleaf Labs signups.

When experiments are running you’ll find more information below, along with details on how to participate. Experiments will be a mixture of:

  • Early stage internal ideas
  • Community collaborations
  • Research projects with external partners

Through Overleaf Labs we have a route for innovative internal ideas to flourish and be explored, and also a way to work in collaboration with partners to conduct research on new ways of making the process of writing research papers and technical documents quicker and easier. We expect that while some of the features developed through Overleaf Labs will become a core part of Overleaf, others will be time-bound experiments that will be available for a limited duration.

Overleaf Labs is a complement to our Beta Program, which provides access to features that are in development and which we expect to roll out fully to our users. Labs experiments will likely be available for a limited time, and may not be rolled out fully. So if you’re also interested in early access to core features, we’d recommend opting into the Beta Program as well! 😊