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  • Easily create new projects from your university's official templates on Overleaf

    Posted by Tim on February 29, 2016

    Your affiliated university and academic society templates are now easily accessible from your projects dashboard - simply click the 'New Project' button on your dashboard and any featured templates from your university or society's institutional license are right at the top to help you quickly get started.

    Overleaf University and Society templates featured in new project modal

    John is a member of the American Mathematical Society on Overleaf, and can now access their templates directly from his My Projects dashboard.

    We recently conducted training sessions at Caltech, Purdue and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and one of the main pieces of feedback we received was that it could be hard for new users to find templates that were featured by the university. For example, Caltech recently released new thesis templates for their students, and whilst these templates were available through the Caltech portal on Overleaf, many users were using the 'New Project' option on their dashboard to get started. So we added them there too :)

    If you have any feedback on using Overleaf, either at your institution or more generally, please let us know, and don't forget you can win a year of Pro for your whole institution in our Campus Challenge!

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