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  • The updated Rich Text editor simplifies team collaboration

    Posted by Paulo on February 10, 2023

    Rich text editor

    Reviewing and commenting on Overleaf projects is now even easier. As part of our latest update, users can now make tracked changes (premium feature) and comments in our rich text editor, which has a more simplified view of the content, along with some other exciting rich text editor enhancements.

    As we teased in our 10th Anniversary blog post, this is just one of the new features we plan on rolling out this year to enhance team collaboration. And some initial feedback from our Beta indicates that this may just be the feature you need to get some of your colleagues into Overleaf!

    Try out the following new features now available in rich text, which include many of the awesome features the Source editor already has:

    • Tracked changes (premium feature) and comments

    • Advanced Reference Search (Ctrl+Space after opening a cite command) - available for users with premium features

    • Editor themes, including dark themes (select using the Menu in the top left corner)

    • Vim and Emacs keybindings

    • The same autocomplete as the Source editor

    • Some browser extensions, such as Grammarly, will now work

    Of course, we’ve added some new Rich Text-specific features, such as:

    • Toolbar buttons for adding figures and inserting hyperlinks

    • Click to expand and preview hyperlink references for linked text

    • General usability and visual improvements

    Going forward, the majority of future Overleaf features will be available in both the Source editor and Rich Text editor, meaning a great experience regardless of which editor you prefer!

    Rich text editor

    We can’t wait for you to check out the updated rich text editor, and we want to hear from you! You can give your feedback by directly filling out this survey or by clicking the corresponding icon within the editor — you will be helping to improve Overleaf!

    And as always, feel free to reach out to us at and share your thoughts and experience with Overleaf! Every word counts! You can also book an interview with our Product team, so we can dig a little deeper into your needs! And hey, you may also want to join our awesome Beta programme to get early access to new features!

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